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Bird Park Harare Zimbabwe Activities Review 2

My visit to Kuimba Shiri Bird Park, Harare: The ideal family day out

I visited Kuimba Shiri Bird Park in May 2016, and I can wholeheartedly recommend it as one of the best family days out in Harare (and Zimbabwe, for that matter). Note: I was not paid for writing this article. I visited this establishment independently and anonymously. We wanted to go on a family day trip from Harare […]

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Photo safari gear

Photo safari gear: My camera bag

Photo safari gear: What’s in my camera bag? I’m still a relative newbie when it comes to photography – I got my first DSLR in 2012. I’ve done a few courses and I enjoy planning shots as well as doing the post-processing. This blog probably gives a good visual indication of the evolution of my photography! […]

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The Book of Memory

The Book of Memory: Book review

The Book of Memory is a humorous, insightful tale about a woman on the periphery of two cultures. It is filled with symbolism, metaphor and meaning, uncoiling itself to you like the water spirit that lurks through most of the novel.

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Fortunate Andrew JH Sharp Great Zimbabwe Guide

Fortunate: Book Review

Book overview: Fortunate by Andrew JH Sharp Genre: Fiction Quick Summary: A Welsh doctor finds herself running away from home at the age of 28. She’s running to Zimbabwe: a place she barely knew existed until a patient asked her to fulfil an important mission there. As she becomes more embroiled in events in Zimbabwe, […]

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We Need New Names by Noviolet Bulawayo

We Need New Names: Book Review

Although this is a travel blog, I hope it’s a place that gives a more rounded picture of Zimbabwe, avoiding compartmentalizing it into “that pariah African state” or “that beautiful African wilderness”. For this reason, stories about literature, art and culture are on this blog too – to flesh out the image of Zimbabwe. I have […]

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© Jason Wallace

Out of Shadows: Book Review

Book overview: Out of Shadows by Jason Wallace Genre: Fiction Great Zimbabwe Guide summary: Plunges you into the wounded psyche of Zimbabwe as it might have been 25 years ago. Do read it: if you want to get another perspective of the racial struggles of pre- and post-Independence Zimbabwe; and to help put current-day events […]

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