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Great Zimbabwe Guide Self Drive Zimbabwe 01 Mana Pools

FAQs on self-drive in Zimbabwe – answered by a local expert

Introduction: A lot of readers of this website ask me questions on the topic of self-drive in Zimbabwe. That’s why I’m excited that Ant from ManaPools.com has written this promo post based on his experience. I hope that any aspiring self-drivers to Zimbabwe will find it useful. Written by Ant Bown With established self-drive destinations […]

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Painted wolves dogs Zimbabwe (4)

My time with the painted wolves from David Attenborough’s Dynasties

I was lucky enough to see alpha female Tait and her Vundu pack from David Attenborough’s Dynasties in real life. When I camped in Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe, I photographed Tait and her pack of painted wolves on foot. They had just succeeded in bringing down an impala, and were feeding with with great excitement, […]

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Somalisa Camp African Bush Camps

The most authentic safari camps in Zimbabwe: My top picks

It’s no secret that I think the most authentic safari camp is one where you can watch animals undisturbed in their natural habitat with hardly any other humans around. Real game viewing is about seeing wild animals living as nature intended. When you go on a real safari, your game-viewing experience doesn’t start when you […]

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Kariba Ferries deck chair

My journey with Kariba Ferries: Best way to get from Kariba to Victoria Falls

Many people planning a trip around Zimbabwe will face a conundrum: How do I travel between Kariba and Victoria Falls? The roads around the Lake Kariba can be onerous, charter flights can break the budget, so the best option is to travel on the lake itself. Kariba Ferries have provided a solution in the form of a […]

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Mana Pools landscape

Mana Pools 2013 – photo post

Mana Pools is all about the animals and the landscape. It’s about the sights, sounds and smells of a true African wilderness. Here are some more photos from our 2013 trip, although no words or photos of mine could ever do the place justice – you need to see it in person! (more…)

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Mana Pools painted hunting dog

The residents of Mana Pools

We had many memorable encounters with the animals of Mana Pools: the area’s rightful residents. Most of our animal sightings were unpredictable, which made them feel even more special. These encounters reminded me of how important it is for wild places to be protected and cherished – no zoo or wildlife park could ever come close […]

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Mana Pools Hippo Long Pool

Mana Pools hippo charge: A close call

Hippos, when placidly blowing bubbles and grunting in the water, don’t seem like much of a threat to humans. Everyone knows they’re vegetarian, after all – how dangerous can they be? Very. I found out the hard way that a hippo charge can happen very quickly. And that hippos are MUCH bigger and quicker than they […]

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Mana Pools elephant 3

Travel journal 2013: Camping in Mana Pools

We went camping in Mana Pools National Park at Nyamepi Campsite – and what a life-affirming experience it was. Mana Pools is not like most other game reserves in Africa. There are no fenced areas; no barriers between you and the animals (unless you count the pin-thin wall of a tent). If you choose to stay […]

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Copyright Lola

Man and elephant by Lola Photography

This photo by Lola is amazing – it gives me goosebumps every time I see it. Man and elephant, Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe. Copyright Lola. Please note: Photo taken by professionals working in the field. Wild animals are dangerous and this is not to be emulated. Elephants are astonishing animals – as well as […]

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Mana Pools elephant crossing

The roadtrip that roared #14: The stealth of an elephant

In my last post, I described our eventful night up to this point: we’d been prevented from returning to our lodge because of an elephant blocking our path, and when we finally got going again, we had a special leopard sighting. Now, safely back at the lodge, we were in for another treat. It was […]

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Mana road sunset

The roadtrip that roared #13: A fortunate series of events

This post is a continuation of The Roadtrip that Roared series, following #12 Mana Pools Monkey Games. One evening, we were driving back to the lodge after an afternoon out in the park, where we’d seen scores of impala, some zebra, uncountable birds, and had walked along beautiful tree-lined animal paths. Our truck came to an […]

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Mana Pools signs

The roadtrip that roared: #12 Monkey games

Our remaining days in Mana were as enchanting as the first, and we settled into a routine of waking up to the sounds of the bush, eating breakfast on the riverbank, then driving to a nearby pool for a walk and a chance to see more wildlife. Lunch was always a picnic, the afternoon was […]

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