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Hell and high water on the Zambezi: Red Nose Day

Melanie C, Dara O’ Briain and other UK celebrities will brave the Zambezi river for Red Nose Day this year – I’m looking forward to watching it! They are raising money for school children in Zambia – I only wish they money could stretch across the river to Zimbabwe too. Watch the build-up video here: … […]

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Ethics Zimbabwe Guide

Is it ethical to visit Zimbabwe?

(Last updated May 2017) Should I visit Zimbabwe? There has been much debate about the role of tourists in Zimbabwe’s politics. Some say that tourists should avoid Zimbabwe to make a statement against President Robert Mugabe and his party Zanu-PF. Boycotters say that if they visited Zimbabwe they would be supporting an undemocratic regime. I can empathise with […]

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Save mana pools

Appeal to preserve Mana Pools National Park

 Mana Pools National Park: One of the last true places to experience wildlife without the barriers of human development. Unfortunately, a building work has started in the park despite warnings from ecologists and conservationists. A new safari lodge is under construction and the developers seem to have little awareness of the needs of the area. […]

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