Internal flights in Zimbabwe: Full list of airlines and routes

(Last updated June 2023)

Internal flights in Zimbabwe

Internal flights in Zimbabwe: Full list of airlines and routes

Do you want to know how to travel around Zimbabwe by air? Here’s a quick-reference guide to internal flights in Zimbabwe. The main airports in Zimbabwe are found in Harare, Victoria Falls and Bulawayo, however other destinations in the country are also possible via air. Air travel is obviously the fastest transport option for getting around Zimbabwe, although prices to get to national parks are higher than to the main towns. Also see our article on international flights to Zimbabwe for more information on regional and global flight routes.

Lower cost internal flights in Zimbabwe:

  • Air Zimbabwe has local flight connections between Harare, Victoria Falls and Bulawayo. Air Zimbabwe is the cheapest flight option in Zimbabwe, but with this comes a chance that your flight may be delayed by an hour or so. In the grand scheme of things, even if your flight is slightly delayed, the journey will still be shorter than travelling via road. The airline is the mainstay of many Zimbabwean business travellers, primarily because of its affordability and long history. The service on the whole is good, and snacks are served onboard. Book via the phone, or in person link to their contact details once you arrive in the country, because their online booking system doesn’t contain an up-to-date list of destinations (last time I checked, anyway). Flights aren’t usually full, so don’t always need to book far in advance.
  • Fastjet is a multi-award-winning low-cost airline that connects Harare, Victoria Falls, Bulawayo, Kariba and Hwange. A good budget, award-winning alternative that is much quicker than using the coach/bus, and has expanded its services in 2023.

Flights to safari lodges and bespoke destinations in Zimbabwe:

If you’re looking for internal flights in Zimbabwe directly to Mana Pools, Kariba, Chiredzi, Mutare, Hwange, or other small destinations around Zimbabwe and southern Africa, there are airlines which specialise in these destinations.

  • Executive Air – Offers charter flights to most destinations within Zimbabwe and southern Africa, especially safari camps.
  • Fly HAC – Offers charter flights to most destinations within Zimbabwe and sub-saharan Africa, especially safari camps.
  • Safari Logistics Service (Run by African Bush Camps) – Connections to Victoria Falls, Hwange, Bumi Hills/Matusadona, Somalisa Hwange and Mana Pools.
  • Wilderness Air (Run by Wilderness Safaris) – Offers charter flights to most destinations within Zimbabwe and southern Africa, especially safari camps.

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Top tip: Remember that you can combine air and road travel. For example, if you want to get to Hwange National Park from Harare, you could get a flight to Victoria Falls with FastJet/Air Zimbabwe, and then get a road transfer or bus to Hwange National Park. Always ask your accommodation for travel options: they will know the most up-to-date routes and prices.

Note: For local flights within Zimbabwe, you usually need to be at the airport around 1.5 hrs before your flight (1 hour if you are pushed for time).

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