If you’d like to contribute to this website, or if have an article suggestion for Great Zimbabwe Guide, please contact me – I’d love to hear from you.

Contributions and guest posts should be written specifically with the needs of readers of Great Zimbabwe Guide in mind. The general article length is 500-1000 words with 3-8 photos.

I run this site in my spare time, and neither I nor contributors generally get paid to write posts. Your reward will be in sharing your experience and helping others plan their visits to Zimbabwe!

Contact me

You can read some previously-published guest posts here.

If you’re enquiring on behalf of a company, we do publish a small amount of sponsored posts for companies that are a good fit. Please see the Advertising page for more details. We will always disclose sponsored posts to our readers.

If you would like me to contribute to your website, please contact me. You can find links to some of my externally published travel writing here.

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