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On, I offer information, tips and advice about Zimbabwean travel in order to help people visiting Zimbabwe. I run this website in my spare time, not for the purpose of making a profit, but to provide useful and independent information. I do not get paid for the majority of my work. However, I publish adverts, affiliated content and occasional sponsored material in order to cover a small percentage of the site’s upkeep (such as domain name ownership and hosting fees). I do collaborate with Zimbabwean businesses to increase awareness about companies that offer great products and services to my readers. I am not a booking agency or travel directory.

Why do I insist on being independent? Because readers place an increasing amount of trust in independent, personal content and they will often base their decisions on these ‘blog’-type sites than their more conventional counterparts. I want to be seen as a trustworthy and unbiased source of information on Zimbabwe.

If you represent a company and would like to send me information that you think would be of interest to readers of my site, you’re welcome to do so, but it is my prerogative whether or not to publish it. I often recommend places and products in my posts without being paid, which is in essence free PR for the company, but only if I genuinely think they’re a good fit.

There are a number of paid marketing opportunities available on the site as follows:

  • Sponsored posts: 
    • are written and photographed by Beth at Great Zimbabwe Guide, usually involving a visit to the lodge/restaurant/venue in question
    • are subsidized by the sponsor, with the understanding that the writer can express his/her opinions honestly and openly (here is an example of a sponsored post)
  • Standard advertisements:
    • are created by the advertising company
    • are usually placed in the sidebar area of
    • are hyperlinked to the advertising company’s website
  • Promotional posts:
    • are articles and photos created by the advertising company
    • are posted on for a fee
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See more posts written in collaboration with industry partners here. All companies are fully researched by Great Zimbabwe Guide before a sponsorship deal is made. If a company is poorly run, offers bad service or is not recommendable, a sponsorship agreement wouldn’t be undertaken. Sponsored posts only cover companies that Great Zimbabwe Guide would recommend.

Great Zimbabwe Guide will always reveal sponsorships and advertisements to readers – journalistic standards of transparency are a key part of this site’s ethos. When choosing marketing partners, our top priorities are that the companies provide excellent service, have a strong reputation and that they are easily contactable via email and telephone.

I may be an affiliate for some of the products that I recommend on this site. If you purchase those items through my product links I may earn a commission. You will not pay more if buying a product through my links. I’ll only ever link to a product that I think is right for the readers of Great Zimbabwe Guide. Affiliate links help me to keep running this site. All articles containing affiliate links will be clearly indicated.


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