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Our Zimbabwe

Henry Olonga’s Our Zimbabwe

Today is Zimbabwe’s 33rd birthday, which is a fitting time to play a cheesy but patriotic song. Henry Olonga’s Our Zimbabwe ticks all the boxes. It feels like Henry Olonga needs no introduction, but here it is: He was the youngest person ever to (more…)

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Zimbabwe tourism video

A video snapshot of Zimbabwe

This tourism-promo video should be taken with a pinch of salt, but I’ve included it here because it shows a lot of Zimbabwe’s gems and gives an overview of the country for first-timers. My advice would be to look at the visuals first and listen to the words last 🙂 The introduction states that Zimbabwe […]

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Hell and high water on the Zambezi: Red Nose Day

Melanie C, Dara O’ Briain and other UK celebrities will brave the Zambezi river for Red Nose Day this year – I’m looking forward to watching it! They are raising money for school children in Zambia – I only wish they money could stretch across the river to Zimbabwe too. Watch the build-up video here: … […]

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Petina Gappah Zimbabwe

Petina Gappah and Alexandra Fuller at The Book Café

If I could make everyone in the world – whether white or black, Zimbabwean or non-Zimbabwean, scientist or artist – read two books about Zimbabwe, it would be Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight by Alexandra Fuller and An Elegy for Easterly by Petina Gappah. It falls to reason, then, that I would also try to make everyone in […]

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Behind the lens (with Michele Fortmann and RedWind Photograhy)

Redwind Photography went on location with photographer Michele Fortmann to go behind the scenes at a Zimbabwe fashion shoot. It starts at an upmarket coffee shop and ends at a out-of-town garage – two contrasting sides to the city. The Domboshawa (House of Lords) garage location has a gritty vibrance that looks great on film. Does […]

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