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Weekend song 9: Nobuntu – Shosholoza

Did you know that the song “Shosholoza” originated in Zimbabwe? Although it’s now a popular South African song and sports anthem, it was a traditional miners’ song. Zimbabwean (then Rhodesian) miners would sing the call-and-response style refrain whilst on the trains to and from South Africa’s gold and diamond mines. “Shosholoza” means “Moving fast” in Ndebele, playing […]

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Nelson Mandela Taps Mugadza

Weekend Song 8: Taps Mugadza’s Beautiful Life – A Tribute to Nelson Mandela

There are few words to express how I feel about the passing of a man who has changed the course of history. Nelson Mandela was a man of stirring words, but his actions were far more powerful. He was no saint: he was merely someone who worked to put peace and equality before his own […]

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Mann Friday

Weekend song #7: Mann Friday’s Sunrise Everyday

A happy, summery video that brings a tap to my toes. The bright Cape Town setting is perfect for this video – what a great city! Mann Friday, led by Zimbabwean Rob Burrell, have recently signed a deal with V2 Benelux records (think Moby and Bloc Party) – here’s hoping they go from strength to strength. […]

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Our Zimbabwe

Henry Olonga’s Our Zimbabwe

Today is Zimbabwe’s 33rd birthday, which is a fitting time to play a cheesy but patriotic song. Henry Olonga’s Our Zimbabwe ticks all the boxes. It feels like Henry Olonga needs no introduction, but here it is: He was the youngest person ever to (more…)

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Taps change in my heart

Weekend song # 6: Taps’ Change in my heart

When Tapiwa “Taps” Mugadza was just two days old, he was left on the doorstep of an orphanage in Harare, Zimbabwe. He spent his later childhood at St Joseph’s Home for Boys, living through the struggles of being an orphan in an ever-changing Zimbabwe. Music was his solace. He taught himself the keyboard and guitar, and […]

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cynthia mare

Weekend song # 5: Cynthia Mare’s Neria

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had an exhausting week. This song feels just right: slow, soothing and heart-wrenching at the same time. Thank you, Cynthia! Her song is a cover of Oliver Mtukudzi’s original. I think she’s done justice to a beautiful, poignant piece. It’s a about perseverance and hope in the […]

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Weekend song # 4: Thembalami’s Tomurumbidza

We may need some good news this weekend, so here’s some Zimbabwean gospel to keep us going. I found this video a while ago on Youtube and I think it has a happiness factor is 10 out of 10. I remember singing this song at school – we had our own actions to go with […]

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Weekend song # 3: Bkay and Kazz’s 7 wonders

Okay, I’m going to lay my cards on the table and start with a disclaimer: cheesy (but great!) song coming up. Hailing from Masvingo, Zimbabwe, Bkay and Kazz won the UK Live & Unsigned competition in 2007. Although they now live in the UK, I love that their R&B music has distinctly African features […]

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andy brown

Weekend song # 2: Andy Brown’s Mapurisa

Andy Brown passed away this month, so it’s only fitting that this weekend song is dedicated to him. ‘Mapurisa’ is his most famous single – always guaranteed to get Zimbabweans on the dancefloor. Brown was nicknamed ‘Muzukuru’ by his fans, showing how he was seen as a member of the Zimbabwean family. Formerly a […]

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Weekend song # 1: Tinashe’s Zambezi

Happy weekend, everyone! It’s a sunny day here in Oxford – the warmest it’s been this year. I can’t help but be in a good mood when the sun’s out. Days like this remind me how blue skies are taken for granted in Zimbabwe – just another day! Weekends are made for feel-good songs – […]

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