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Our Zimbabwe

Henry Olonga’s Our Zimbabwe

Today is Zimbabwe’s 33rd birthday, which is a fitting time to play a cheesy but patriotic song. Henry Olonga’s Our Zimbabwe ticks all the boxes. It feels like Henry Olonga needs no introduction, but here it is: He was the youngest person ever to (more…)

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Elliot Mujaji: Zimbabwe’s legendary paralympian

Although Elliot Mujaji didn’t win any medals at the 2012 Olympics, he will certainly go down in the history books as a Zimbabwean sports legend. He won the first ever Paralympic gold medal for Zimbabwe in 2000 – and to make sure everyone knew it wasn’t a fluke, he did it again in 2004. thew […]

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Cuthbert Nyasango London 2012 Olympics marathon

Zimbabwe at the 2012 Olympics: week two

Well, the Olympics are over, and now I have to find somewhere else to invest my emotions. Here’s a summary of Team Zimbabwe’s performance in the second week of London 2012: Chris Felgate finished 52nd place in the men’s triathlon. I saw some Zimbabwe flags in Hyde Park as the runners went by – well […]

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