Weekend song # 3: Bkay and Kazz’s 7 wonders

Okay, I’m going to lay my cards on the table and start with a disclaimer: cheesy (but great!) song coming up.

Hailing from Masvingo, Zimbabwe, Bkay and Kazz won the UK Live & Unsigned competition in 2007. Although they now live in the UK, I love that their R&B music has distinctly African features and that they include Shona lyrics in their songs.

This song is more obviously Zimbabwean than most – the lyrics, African guitar riffs, drums and video scenes are the not-too-subtle giveaways. It’s meant for anyone who’s had a taste of Zimbabwe’s treasures. Personally, I’m embracing the in-your-face cheesiness of it all (maybe it’s because I’m going back to Zimbabwe soon). And we all need a lighter-waving anthem once in a while.

From all the interviews I’ve read about Bkay and Kazz, they’ve always used external influences in their music. I think this is a good representation of Zimbabwean people who are now spread all over the world – and it embraces the corny but wise ‘united in diversity’ philosophy. I think it’s great to have variety in Zimbabwean musicians, as long as traditional music stays strong.

Just in case there was any confusion about the ‘7 wonders’ that they talk about in the song, these are the 7 wonders of Zimbabwe: 1. People and culture; 2. Rich history and heritage; 3. Victoria Falls; 4. Great Zimbabwe Ruins; 5. Pristine wildlife and nature; 5. The Eastern Highlands; 7. Kariba and the Zambezi river.

Here are the lyrics:

 7 Wonders – Lyrics – Bkay and Kazz

(Boomslang in the place)

Have you ever seen the 7 wonders?
Have you never felt the smoke that thunders?

I want to wake up
with the sun shining down on me, down on me
I want to run free
Like an animal in the country, in the country
I can’t wait to go home to my African –
Ngoma dzichirira
Goom goom che che, goom che che

I can’t wait to go home to my African –
Hosho dzichitambwa
Chikiti chikiti che che

Have you ever seen the 7 Wonders?
Have you never felt Kariba waters?

Have you ever seen the 7 wonders?
Have you never felt Matobo showers?

I Listen to the beat
Rhythm of the drum
Close my eyes and smile
with my face to the sun
I tell them every day
but they won’t believe
‘cos seeing is believing, this is –


Vangu vezvira
Great Zimbabwe ruins
Kune rukudzo
A history of a people
Proud and strong
Explore this mystic magic
Built in stone
Takes my breath away
like a beautiful lady
Victoria Falls make the
clouds so hazy
Feel like I’m in heaven
though I’m soaking wet
From the spray of a powerful jet…

Have you ever seen the 7 wonders?
Have you never felt the smoke that thunders?

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