Zimbabwe’s extreme makeover

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Victoria Falls ZimbabweThese pictures from Victoria Falls Safari Lodge show how Zimbabwe’s landscape completely changes in just a few months. The seasons in Zimbabwe might not feel as pronounced as they do in the Northern hemisphere, but they do bring the joy of seeing ochre ground transform into a green, lush landscape. There is nothing like the smell of the first rains of the season, and the knowledge of the change they will bring.

The dry season and rainy season are both beautiful in their own way. These waterhole view photos are a perfect example of what the two seasons of Zimbabwe bring to the table. The dry season means that wildlife from all around travel further to get to water, so you’re more likely to see them. In the rainy season, everything feels fertile and alive: migrating birds fill the trees, and dramatic thunderstorms break days of clear blue skies.

Here’s two that I took from the same viewpoint at Victoria Falls Hotel:

Vic Falls spray seasons

Here’s another one from Mike Ross Africa Travel which shows the different water levels and spray levels of Victoria Falls at different times of year. This time it’s Green Season on the left and Dry Season on the right:

Victoria Falls Mike Ross

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