New eateries in Harare and Bulawayo

Two new eateries have recently opened their doors to the public – one in Harare and one in Bulawayo.

Sorellas Harare ZimbabweSorella’s is a café and take-away pizzeria in Fisher Avenue, Rolf Valley, Harare. Pies and light dishes are available, as well as pizzas and freshly baked sweet treats.

‘Sorella’, means ‘sister’ in Italian, and the café is run by Gemma and Chiara Faccio. These two talented ladies worked for award-winning restaurants in London, Cape Town and Harare before starting Sorella’s. Take a look at their Facebook page in the link above – the food looks delicious!

Déja Vu is a coffee shop and café in Townsend Road, Suburbs, Bulawayo. This is a much-anticipated return of the popular café ‘Thee Coffee Shoppe’ which was at Ascot Race Course.

They have a big private garden with children’s playground and are open for private functions (daytime only). They serve breakfast, brunch and burgers, and pride themselves on their steak. Their coffee was also voted as the best in Bulawayo … now that’s worth a visit.

Deja vu Bulawayo Zimbabwe

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