A very Zimbabwean Christmas

For me, Christmas in Zimbabwe is a sun-filled, outdoor affair; huge tables adorned with bright fabrics resting in the dappled shade of gently swinging branches.

It’s a joyful church service in the morning, followed by an enormous lunch, then a few hours splashing in the swimming pool in the afternoon (not before you’ve allowed 20 minutes to let your lunch go down, of course). It’s a  refreshing downpour of rain in the evening, and a sense of peace as the sun goes down on the day of the saviour’s birth.

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What’s Christmas like in Zimbabwe for writer Cathy Buckle? She tells us …

“Christmas in Zimbabwe is the time of soft sweet litchis, plums, mangoes and peaches. It’s the time to eat small, sweet purple grapes straight from the vines and to take turns with the birds for pawpaws and figs..”. 

Read the rest of Buckle’s letter on Nehanda Radio. Her lyrical, poetic writing style really captures the way that December in Zimbabwe is a celebration for the senses as well as the soul.

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