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Zimbabwe safari white water rafting

Zimbabwe self-drive travel journal: Part 2: Victoria Falls

This guest post is written by Stuart Webb-Martin, who lives in the UK. He went on a self-drive holiday to Zimbabwe with his family in August 2016. He shares his thoughts on activities, sights and accommodation. In this second instalment of his travel journal, he recounts his time in Victoria Falls, The Adventure Capital of […]

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Chinhoyi Caves Zimbabwe Guide

A guide to Chinhoyi Caves: Deep blue wonder

If you’re driving to Kariba or Mana Pools then Chinhoyi Caves Park is an excellent place to stop and have a look around. From the main road, you’d never guess that this series of deep caves and blue pools of water exist in the hillside. How to get to Chinhoyi Caves: The Caves are about 1.5 hours’ drive from Harare […]

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Tour operators Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe tour operator directory: Comprehensive list of tours

Here’s a list of tour operators (that I know of) that offer safaris to Zimbabwe as well as other regions. I can wholeheartedly recommend a Zimbabwe safari: you’ll have a more personal experience than in other countries, because there are fewer tourists and fewer man-made obstructions. You’ll get a closer connection to real African wilderness as a […]

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Video post: Victoria Falls helicopter flight: AMAZING!

Here’s a quick video showing a little bit of our helicopter flight in Victoria Falls – the word “beautiful” is an understatement! We went in August which is the dry, low water season. It was a spectacular sight – but if you want to see the Victoria Falls at its absolute highest water level, visit between […]

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Wild Horizons gorge swing-1-2

Our Victoria Falls gorge swing and adventure slide

The Gorge Swing and Zipline are part of Victoria Falls’ hard-core adrenalin activities, with a similar fear factor to bungee jumping and white-water rafting. Wild Horizons operates a number of adventure slides, but these two activities in particular are the ultimate lose-your-stomach experiences. If you feel like building up your adrenalin levels, start with the (slightly) less […]

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wild horizons canopy tour-1

Our Victoria Falls canopy tour

There’s been a new kid on the Victoria Falls activity block this year. Wild Horizons launched the Canopy Tour in June 2013: a series of cable swings over the Zambezi River gorge. The tour consists of wooden walkways, rope bridges, ziplines and slides that criss-cross across the ravine, above the canopy of a hardwood forest. The […]

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wild horizons lion alert-1-12

Our lion encounter with Wild Horizons: A unique conservation programme

In Victoria Falls we were given the chance to walk with young lions in the African bush, which we booked with Wild Horizons. The experience is run by Lion Encounter, a partner of Lion ALERT, an ambitious programme which aims to increase Africa’s dwindling wild lion population. Ethical note: It is imperative that you fully research all animal experiences […]

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wild horizons sylvester-1-8

In love with Sylvester, Cheetah Ambassador

I got to meet a very special resident of the Wild Horizons Sanctuary: Sylvester the Cheetah. Guests at the Elephant Camp or Elephant Safari might just spot this guy when he’s out for a walk, and I was one of the lucky ones. He’s so much bigger, better looking and more … athletic than I imagined. […]

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Mana Pools Hippo Long Pool

Mana Pools hippo charge: A close call

Hippos, when placidly blowing bubbles and grunting in the water, don’t seem like much of a threat to humans. Everyone knows they’re vegetarian, after all – how dangerous can they be? Very. I found out the hard way that a hippo charge can happen very quickly. And that hippos are MUCH bigger and quicker than they […]

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Mana Pools elephant 3

Travel journal 2013: Camping in Mana Pools

We went camping in Mana Pools National Park at Nyamepi Campsite – and what a life-affirming experience it was. Mana Pools is not like most other game reserves in Africa. There are no fenced areas; no barriers between you and the animals (unless you count the pin-thin wall of a tent). If you choose to stay […]

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Wild Horizons helicopter flight-1-14

Zimbabwe trip 2013: An introduction

We’ve just returned from a fantastic trip to Zimbabwe and I can’t wait to get it all written down.  We started off in Harare, went to Mana Pools, travelled to Victoria Falls on the Kariba Ferry, went to Bulawayo, Great Zimbabwe and back to Harare. To start, let’s address the big question that’s on many […]

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Lumene Falls by RedWind Productions

Zimbabwe’s has a handful of rock pools which are fantastic places to go swimming. They’re free from crocodiles (very important!) and are situated in beautiful mountains and forests. Lumene Falls, southern Zimbabwe, is one such place. This video by RedWind Productions shows it off much better than I could. Copyright RedWind Productions. Music by Imagine Dragons. Video […]

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