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Victoria Falls waterfall Zimbabwe

Things to do in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe: Top ten activities

(Last updated Feb 2017) Scroll the images below and click on a photo for full details of each activity in Victoria Falls, or see the list further down the page. [wooslider category=”series” tag=”series-2,things-to-do,victoria-falls” slider_type=”posts” layout=”text-left” overlay=”natural” limit=”11″ link_title=”true”] Victoria Falls never disappoints, whether you’re seeing the Falls themselves for the first time, or catching your breath after […]

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Zimbabwe tourism video

A video snapshot of Zimbabwe

This tourism-promo video should be taken with a pinch of salt, but I’ve included it here because it shows a lot of Zimbabwe’s gems and gives an overview of the country for first-timers. My advice would be to look at the visuals first and listen to the words last 🙂 The introduction states that Zimbabwe […]

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Health Information for Zimbabwe

Health information for visitors to Zimbabwe

(Last updated June 2017) Don’t underestimate the sun Sunstroke and heatstroke are common conditions for new, over-ambitious visitors to Africa. As Zimbabwe does not have a very humid climate, the temperature is much more tolerable than in other tropical countries, so it can be easy to forget how long you’ve been out in the direct sunlight. Avoid getting […]

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Mana Pools Zimbabwe

Is it safe in Zimbabwe?

(Last updated March 2016) Zimbabwe is one of the safest countries in Africa for tourists. The biggest risk is from car accidents, just like in developed countries. Zimbabwean people have a wonderful reputation for being easy-going and generous, and we will go out of our way to help rather than hinder you. In my opinion, I think that […]

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RoadtripthatRoared Hillside Dams

The roadtrip that roared: #2 Bulawayo

After spending a few days in Harare, we went to Bulawayo to see family. My mum moved from Harare to Bulawayo a few years ago and my extended family have lived there all their lives, so it’s a place I’ve often visited. We left Harare and settled in for the five-hour journey. I love seeing […]

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Please credit as your source.

The roadtrip that roared: #1 Arrival in Harare

On a Thursday evening in late May, we flew from London Heathrow and landed at Harare International airport at around 5pm the next day. I may have packed far more clothes than needed – I wasn’t sure how cold Zimbabwe’s autumn would be this year. That, and all the goodies we were taking back for […]

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Zimbabwe flights

Flights to Zimbabwe: Which airlines fly to Zimbabwe?

(Last updated Feb 2017) There are a number of options for flights to Zimbabwe. Below, I’ve listed airlines that fly to Zimbabwe, and further down the page, I’ve given some information on major airports in Zimbabwe. In the list below, airlines showing a  symbol are my favourites due to good service. Airlines in bold fly from outside of […]

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Zimbabwe road guide

Transport within Zimbabwe: What are my options?

Last updated Sept 2017There’s so much to see in Zimbabwe that you’ll probably want to visit a number of National Parks and cities to get the most out of your trip. This brings up the tricky question of how to get around. Package holidays usually include transport within Zimbabwe: great if you’re a first-timer, but it can be […]

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harare Zimbabwe weather

Zimbabwe’s climate and weather: When’s the best time to visit?

Zimbabwe was ranked as having the Best Climate in the World by International Living Magazine (tied with Malta) – and I happen to agree. There’s no ‘wrong’ time to visit Zimbabwe. However, specific times of year are better than others for doing certain things in certain areas – these are outlined below. There are usually many hours of sunshine […]

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