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TBEX Africa Zimbabwe Blogger

TBEX Africa announcement: response from a Zimbabwe travel blogger

TBEX is coming to Africa News just in: The “largest conference and networking event for travel bloggers” is heading to Africa for the first time. Which African nation is lucky enough to win the patronage of hundreds of travel bloggers and a shedload of hashtag-worthy attention? Namibia? Botswana? Kenya? Tanzania? South Africa? Nope. It’s Zimbabwe, folks. I’ve […]

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Victoria Falls waterfall Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls travel guide: Everything you need to know

Victoria Falls is a must-do Zimbabwean destination. It‘s home to one of the largest waterfalls in the world, it’s the adrenalin capital of Africa, and has hotels to satisfy every taste. Go white-water rafting, bungee jumping, and abseiling – all around the magnificent Zambezi River. If you’re a wildlife lover, you can go on a […]

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Bulawayo travel guide: Everything you need to know

(Last updated March 2016) Bulawayo is Zimbabwe’s second-largest city, and the capital of Matabeleland province. It is known as “The City of Kings” because of the Ndebele chiefs who ruled in the area after breaking away from their Zulu ancestors in the south. Crucially, Bulawayo is the place where the area’s history was forever changed. […]

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Tour operators Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe tour operator directory: Comprehensive list of tours

Here’s a list of tour operators (that I know of) that offer safaris to Zimbabwe as well as other regions. I can wholeheartedly recommend a Zimbabwe safari: you’ll have a more personal experience than in other countries, because there are fewer tourists and fewer man-made obstructions. You’ll get a closer connection to real African wilderness as a […]

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Great Zimbabwe Ruins Monument

Great Zimbabwe Monument & Ruins travel guide: Everything you need to know

These ancient city ruins have intrigued both locals and visitors for centuries. The local name for the area was “Dzimba dza mabwe” (roughly “Houses of Stone”) or simply “Zimbabwe”. When Rhodesia became independent in 1980, the nation was named after this city, and the country itself was called Zimbabwe. The ruins of the ancient city […]

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Victoria Falls waterfall Zimbabwe

Things to do in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe: Top ten activities

(Last updated Feb 2017) Scroll the images below and click on a photo for full details of each activity in Victoria Falls, or see the list further down the page. Victoria Falls never disappoints, whether you’re seeing the Falls themselves for the first time, or catching your breath after gorge swinging over the Zambezi River. Top ten […]

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Harare Zimbabwe Food

Best restaurants in Harare, Zimbabwe

(Last updated September 2016) Harare may have power outages from time to time (a problem that businesses have overcome by using generators) – but it’s certainly not short of restaurants. Steak is a prominent feature of most Zimbabwean menus, and understandably so: the beef here tastes sublime. Don’t forget about the veggie and freshwater fish options, as […]

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Ethics Zimbabwe Guide

Is it ethical to visit Zimbabwe?

(Last updated May 2017) Should I visit Zimbabwe? There has been much debate about the role of tourists in Zimbabwe’s politics. Some say that tourists should avoid Zimbabwe to make a statement against President Robert Mugabe and his party Zanu-PF. Boycotters say that if they visited Zimbabwe they would be supporting an undemocratic regime. I can empathise with […]

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Mana Pools Zimbabwe

Is it safe in Zimbabwe?

(Last updated March 2016) Zimbabwe is one of the safest countries in Africa for tourists. The biggest risk is from car accidents, just like in developed countries. Zimbabwean people have a wonderful reputation for being easy-going and generous, and we will go out of our way to help rather than hinder you. In my opinion, I think that […]

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Zimbabwe flights

Flights to Zimbabwe: Which airlines fly to Zimbabwe?

(Last updated Feb 2017) There are a number of options for flights to Zimbabwe. Below, I’ve listed airlines that fly to Zimbabwe, and further down the page, I’ve given some information on major airports in Zimbabwe. In the list below, airlines showing a  symbol are my favourites due to good service. Airlines in bold fly from outside of […]

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Zimbabwe road guide

Transport within Zimbabwe: What are my options?

There’s so much to see in Zimbabwe that you’ll probably want to visit a number of National Parks and cities to get the most out of your trip. This brings up the tricky question of how to get around. Package holidays usually include transport within Zimbabwe: great if you’re a first-timer, but it can be expensive. I prefer […]

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