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Mana Pools is renowned for its spine-tingling wildlife – it’s one of the planet’s last authentic old-world unspoilt wildernesses. Here, the light from your campfire reveals the glint of a lion’s eyes at the edge of a clearing. Hyenas prowl the unfenced campsites at night looking for remains of your dinner. Wildlife encounters don’t get closer than that!
When I visited Mana Pools, I stayed at National Parks Government Lodges and campsites ( but unless you live in Zim, those can be difficult to book.
Therefore it’s best to get in touch with local expert safari companies such as African Bush Camps, Goliath Safaris, Natureways, Mana Pools Safari Company, Wilderness Safaris, Bushlife Safaris, John Stevens, Doug Macdonald, Mavros Safaris and also in South Africa. Check out the post on Zimbabwe’s most authentic safaris which has some links to the above.
Top tips: Pack good walking shoes (see my packing list), don’t think that the elephants are tame, and look up from your camera to take it all in!
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