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Kariba is the world’s largest man-made lake (by volume) and its dam wall is an Italian-designed feat of engineering that generates power for the surrounding region. Yet people visit this area for its exceptional natural beauty and wildlife. Kariba holds a vast section of the Zambezi River as it flows along the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. The lake, often called an inland sea, boasts more than 100 islands and a shoreline over 2000 kilometres (1242 miles) long. It is home to the Big Five as well as numerous other bird and animal species, and there are two national parks, a recreational park and additional reserves for visitors to explore.

Many visitors rent houseboats so that they can enjoy home-comforts whilst travelling to different parts of the lake. Safari lodges and self-catering camps are also situated on peninsulas and islands on Kariba. Wherever you go, one thing is guaranteed: your view will be accented by petrified trees jutting into the skyline, and elephants bathing themselves in sunset-hued waters.s.

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